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  • Lourdas beach

    Lourdas beach

Katerina Mare is located just 5 steps from the beautiful beach of Lourdas in Kefalonia.
Modern, quiet environment, ideal for relaxing holidays overlooking the deep blue Ionian Sea.
The house has 2 A/C units, kitchen with utensils, satellite TV and really high speed internet.
On the outside area there are sunbeds (beach towels provided) , a hamnock and BBQ.
It is about 20 minutes from Argostoli, while the local bus that connects Lourdata with other, popular areas is just a short walk away.

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Lourdas hidden beaches

Lourdas hidden beaches

Beach sunsets

Beach sunsets..




Katerina Mare, Lourdas beach road, Livathos, 28100, Kefalonia, Greece  - Google maps location

Tel. : +306979029448 (+WhatsApp, Facetime & Viber) Email : info[at]kefaloniamare.com

 Licence Notification Number :1098275